Chicago Meat Collective - Driftless Weekend

Chicago Meat Collective - Driftless Weekend

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Immerse yourself in an educational, interactive weekend celebrating the lush Driftless region of Wisconsin! Guided by McCullough of the CMC and featuring several local producers and their delicious products, this experience will include:

  • A tour of Mastodon Valley Farm, run by Peter Allen, an ecologist-turned-farmer who is raising cattle regeneratively on grass pastures.

  • A tour of local USDA certified slaughterhouse Nordik Meats, including witnessing the slaughter process (optional).

  • A tour of Wisconsin's biggest homestead sheep dairy, Hidden Springs Creamery, plus cheese tasting and a lunch featuring their lamb.

  • Tour of commercial salumi facility utilized by Driftless Provisions to produce their delicious array of cured meats, plus a tasting.

  • Butchery demonstration by McCullough featuring locally raised meat.

  • A take-home box featuring the best of the region, including local beer, cheese, meat, and more!

Participants will spend time with farmers and processors that engage with their environment and each other to create the most sustainable, tasty, and nutritious products, reflecting the special ecology of this unique region. They represent vital parts of a complex supply chain and local economy that is still growing, and they will share their understanding of how thoughtfully managed livestock can provide us with incredible nutrition while improving soils, creating jobs, and adding to their region's cuisine and identity.

The itinerary will begin at 9am on Saturday 08/10 and will include lunch and dinner on Saturday. On Sunday 08/11, we will start a bit later in the morning, and the day will include a substantial lunch in the early afternoon. All other meals, as well as lodging and transportation, are the responsibility of the participants.

Viroqua has several hotels including The Hotel Fortney, the Viroqua Heritage Inn, and the Tobacco Warehouse Inn, and there are stays in the broader region available on (for example, via Airbnb). The region is a popular summer destination, and we recommend finding lodging ASAP.

Upon purchase, you will receive full itinerary along with recommendations for places to eat and recreate in the region.

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