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Serving and Enjoying Salami

how to build your own charcuterie board

Slice Thin

Serve at room temperature

Pair with accoutrements, drink, and good company

Driftless Provisions how to serve salami:  slice thin, serve at room temperature

Care & Serving

Storage - The salami is shelf-stable and will last up to one year. However, in the presence of oxygen the mold will continue to grow, the salami can oxidize, and will continue to dry. To maximize longevity and enjoyment, leave the salami in its vacuum sealed case and consume within one week after opening. 

Casing - The casing on our 4.5oz salami is not edible. Score casing & peel before eating.

Mold - Mold is a key part of the curing process and is edible.

Charcuterie How To
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